"For my second pregnancy, I did not have the blessing of chiropractic care. I experienced back pain and numerous other symptoms, which made the pregnancy much more challenging than my first pregnancy in a lot of ways. I felt generally run down and experienced nausea, moodiness and other negative states.

Ironically, with my twin's pregnancy, the medical community wanted to label me 'high risk'. Yet, I felt great. I am convinced that my chiropractic care with Dr. Scott had a huge impact on the comfort and ease of my pregnancy. I gained more than 80 pounds and felt fabulous. I had a full-term, 40-week pregnancy, and a completely natural birth in our home, which happened in less than 3 hours.

Chiropractic is truly a hidden secret ingredient to a comfortable, healthy pregnancy and birth. Even with 16 pounds of babies, I had no back pain at all!"

- Mindy; Real estate broker, birth teacher, mother of 4


"I was introduced to a new outlook of living life health-fully, for my entire family, through chiropractic care when seeking proper care for my body after an auto accident. At the time of the accident, I was pregnant for the first time and concerned about my unborn child and the effects that the stresses to my body from the accident may have on my child's proper development. Additionally my body had pain in the neck and back that resulted from the accident. Dr. Scott provided a detailed evaluation of my conditions and provided me with an explanation of how his care would apply to my healing and health. I already felt significantly better within a few adjustment visits, and was excited to work through healing completely and on to preventative care through my pregnancy.

It was at this point that I realized that the pain relief ocurred as a result of my body healing properly. I have learned so much about how our amazing body was designed and about the powerful relationship between the spine, the nerve system, whole body function and health. Specific chiropractic care through pregnancy is a gift to the child growing on the inside. Through the health care, support and resources from Dr. Scott, I was able to have a wonderful pregnancy and birth with out any medical interventions. I saw Dr. Scott within days of my birth to 'get checked' to ensure the best spine and nerve function, and recovery from my labor and birth. Since the Drs. at Life Chiropractic have advanced study and skill in chiropractic care for infants and children, I had my new little boy checked also, so that he would have no interference in his nerve systems as he continued his growth and development.

Now, our whole family essentially has a new health-full lifestyle. We have had chiropractic care through three pregnancies and we now have three very healthy boys. All of us, including my husband, get checked on a prevention basis. For nearly 6 years we turn to care with Dr. Scott at the onset of any illness or injury. In turn, we have made very few, if any, visits to a medical doctor that were not for a major trauma, and even then we always see Dr. Scott after any major crisis has been medically examined. The care and education from Life Chiropractic has opened my eyes to understanding my body, my childrens' bodies,and how to maintain our optimal health."

- Nicole


"Before care with Dr. Scott, my son Kyle had re-ocurring ear infections, which were treated medically by as many as 100 consecutive days of antibiotics. He had been on an antibiotic for most of his life to age 1 1/2.

Since beginning care at Life Chiropractic, Kyle has not needed another antibiotic and has been able to fight the colds or infections he has encountered on his own. He has a stronger immune system, healthier body, and a happier life."

- Dana, Kyle's Mom

No more frequent medication, sciatica, or arthritus. Even my diziniess has resolved...

"I began chiropractic care with Dr. Scott after experiencing ongoing right sciatic pain for three months. I took Ibuprofen daily to help temporarily relieve the pain but knew that I needed a different approach. Using pain medication before and after activities such as gardening was not the way I wanted to live. I recalled that the chiropractic care I received several years earlier for left sciatic pain was very successful and thought chiropractic may be able to help me again.

After a few weeks of specifically designed care from Dr. Scott, I noticed a number of positive changes throughout my body in addition to a nearly complete elimination of sciatic pain. The arthritis in my thumbs considerably improved, allowing me to function with greater ease at work. My on/off dizziness that I attributed to fatigue, stress, and possibly an inner ear fluid problem, has not reoccured since starting care. I considered consulting with an ear, nose and throat doctor for the dizziness but now realize that a holistic approach is just what I needed. Even though I'd received chiropractic care from another practitioner in the past, I was missing the whole health picture. Dr. Scott not only took care of my spine to promote whole body health, but taught me how to care for myself as well."

- Kathy

No more antibiotics, strep throat, and no tonsil surgery...

"My daughter, at age 7 had had 5 strep throat infections in 7 months, all of which were accompanied by vomiting, and medically treated with antibiotics. Every cold or sniffle had seemed to turn into a major strep case, and the medical doctor recommended the surgical removal of her tonsils. Since starting care with Dr. Scott, she has had only one or two mild colds or sniffles which her body resolved on its own in a short time. She has never had another re-occurerence of sore throat of vomiting from a sore throat. Also, her on/off constipation has corrected and digestion and elimination has become regular and healthy."

- Sonia

Migraines gone, Better Moods, and More Energy...

My chief health complaints were low back aches, neck aches, migraine headaches, I usually took Excedrin; I was often extremely fatigued with recurring-regular headaches, as well as mood swings. I also was having painful periods where these and other symptoms would flare-up. Since care with Dr. Scott, I have had none of those previous symptoms! My energy is back, I am living without constant pains, without taking any medications, and I am back to working out 5 days per week, which I had missed very much. I had tried chiropractic care only for temporary pain relief and not for corrective care and whole body health as Dr. Scott can provide. Chiropractic had never been explained to me to the detail it was with Dr. Scott and never with the whole body application."

- Sonia


"I have had several years of various back and neck problems that limited my ability to do things that should be part of normal life. At the age of sixteen, I was in a motorcycle accident that resulted in extensive lower back pain several years latere. The pain worsened to the point where I required hospitalization around the age of forty. Through medication and traction the serverity of pain was reduced, and I learned how to protect my back enough to avoid a second hospitalization. Despite these improvements, I periodically could only sleep in a reclining chair because the pain in my lower back and neck prevented me fromlying prone or on either side of my body on a bed. The neck pain and stiffness continued to increase and episodes of severe stiffness, lasting for several days, was occurring up to six times per year. Day to day, loss of movement in my neck prevented me from turning my head to the side while driving, as well as from looking up to inspect ceilings of warehouses as part of my job.

During the months just prior to beginning care with Dr. Scott, I experienced pain in my right shoulder and a loss of strength and numbness in my right thumb. While working, I would lift an object and it would fall right out of my hand. I went for a medical evaluation for this problem and the doctor took eleven x-rays of my right arm from nect to hand and then injected cortisone shots and prescribed Vioxx and Cortisone pills. My condition did not change.

I had been very skeptical about chiropractic from all the things you often hear, but a good friend has had great results with Dr. Scott and highly recommended his care, so I decided to have an examination to see if it could help. Dr. Scott's approach was much different that what I had thought and what I had heard about chiropractic. After just two adjustments in April 2004, the pain in my arm, hand and shoulder was gone. The stiffness and pain in my back is gone as well, and without cortisone shots or other drugs. I now enjoy attending boat shows again because I am able to walk for much longer periods of time without discomfort, I can also tolerate airline flights much better now. Dr. Scott educated me on the importance of helping the body correct all the damage and stress that accumulated throughout the years. Now in my fifth month of care, I am living my life at a higher level that I have in years.

I think that many people accept loss of motion and re-occurring pain by attributing it to aging. Chiropractic care helped me to overcome that notion. With specific chiropractic care I am enjoying improvement in my whole-body function which has resulted in much improved motion, the return of strength in my right arm and hand, sleeping more comfortably and in my bed again and major reduction of pain in several areas and overall improvement in the quality of life."

- Joel

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